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více City Tours
20 different languages with headphones
Duration:  1 hour (bus)
Feature:  20 different languages with headphones
Description:  This short but very instructive tour, by bus only, shows you around the city’s historical districts New Town, Old Town, Lesser Town, Jewish Quarter and will present their most important architectural monuments and sights to you.
Notice:  Availability of headphones and the tour is given in 20 different languages.
více City Tours
Prague Castle + Old Town
Duration:  3 hours (bus and on foot)
Feature:  Prague Castle + Old Town
Description:  This tour will present Prague as a whole, with its extensive historical core covering an area of 900 ha and including more than 4.000 monuments. The highlight of this Grand Tour is not only a bus tour throughout the historical districts (New –, Old- and Lesser Towns) but also a visit of the Prague Castle in Hradčany. While taking a walk throughout the castle courtyards you can admire the grandeur of this Royal Castle you will be impressed by the elegance of the St. Vitus cathedral. The last part of the tour includes a walk throughout the Old Town and the Jewish quarter Josefov passing the Old New Synagogue, Jewish cemetery etc. The tour ends in the Old Town.
více City Tours
Prague Castle interiors
Duration:  3 hours (on foot)
Feature:  Prague Castle interiors
Description:  After crossing Manes Bridge, we will begin in the Wallenstein garden which includes several displays of Mannerist art. We will then ascend the New Castle Stairs and discover a spectacular view of the Prague Landscape. After watching the Changing of The Guards we enter the castle itself. First visit St. Vitus cathedral where we will see the Underground Royal Crypt and the tombs of Illustrious Czech Princes, Bishops and Czech Patrons. Leaving the Cathedral, passing the superb Gothic-style mosaic illustrating the Day of Judgment, we proceed to the Old Royal Palace, the original Royal seat of Czech kings. Inside is found Vladislav Hall, scene of Medieval Jousting Tournaments. Moving onto the legendary ″Golden Lane″, the residence of Rudolphian alchemists as well as Franz Kafka - we will visit the smallest house in Prague. After another breath-taking view, we descend the 101 steps of the Old Castle Stairs.
Notice:  admision included: St. Vitus Cathedral, The Old Royal Palace, The Golden Lane
více City Tours
Historical and Jewish town
Duration:  2,5 hour (on foot)
Feature:  Historical and Jewish town
Description:  The first part begins with a walk showing you the highlights of the historical Prague. The second part includes a visit of the famous Jewish Quarter also called Josefov. After making you acquainted with the history of the former Ghetto and the Old New Synagogue you will be shown around the old Jewish cemetery, visiting also some of the synagogues. The excursion then passes by the house where Franz Kafka was born and ends in the Old Town.
Notice:  including admission to the Old Jewish Cemetery, Pinkas Synagogue, Maisel Synagogue, Klaus Synagogue and Spanish Synagogue
více City Tours
Boat Tour under the Charles Bridge
Duration:  45 minutes (boat)
Feature:  Boat Tour under the Charles Bridge
Description:  Enjoy a very special tour on original canal boat from the 19th century. You will sail through Čertovka Water canal - lagoon next the Old Town Bridge Tower - water tunnel under the zero arch of the Charles Bridge and Krizovnicke Square and under the last arch of the last Romanesque Judith's Bridge - Charles Bridge – house top of Mala Strana and Prague Castle panorama.
Pilsner Urquell beer, traditional czech lemonade, cafe and tea, ice cream “nanuk” and traditional czech gingerbread.
více City Tours
Vltava River Cruise on boat
Duration:  4 hours (bus and boat)
Feature:  Vltava River Cruise on boat
Description:  You will spend an enjoyable evening in illuminated Prague. We will take you to the Vltava river, aboard a comfortable ship. During the cruise with musical entertainment you can have a dinner in a hot and cold buffet style with a rich variety of food and you can admire the illuminated sights of Prague. The cruise takes 3 hours passing the Charles bridge, the Castle District, the National Theatre, Vyšehrad, etc. Then you will be shown around its historical core (Old Town, Lesser Town and New Town) with its beautiful illuminated monuments by bus.
Notice:  including a self service dinner and welcome drink
více City Tours
Where the Velvet Revolution took place in 1989
Duration:  1,5 hour (on foot)
Feature:  Where the Velvet Revolution took place in 1989
Description:  Learn the most important facts from the rather tragic history of the new Czechoslovakian state. A visit to the memorial places of Wenceslas Square, today’s business, commercial and social centre, will take you back in time to the year 1918 and the establishment of Czechoslovakia, to 1948 when the communists violently took over the country and nationalised all personal property, to 1950 when most of the political executions took place, and inevitably to 1968 - the year of the Russian invasion, when many people emigrated and many committed suicide in distress. You shall learn the reason for the self-immolations by fire of two young Czech students and you will also be shown where the Velvet Revolution took place in 1989 and all its consequences.
Notice:  Discount card to the Communist Museum
více Beyond City Tours
The most famous castle
Duration:  5,5 hours (bus and on foot)
Feature:  The most famous castle
Description:  The most outstanding medieval castle founded and built by Emperor Charles IV. between 1348 - 1355 A.D. as a depository for the Empire’s coronation jewels and state documents. This huge gothic castle is situated about 38 km southwest of Prague. After ascending a hill towards the castle a guided tour, showing you around Castle interiors and making you acquainted with its history, will follow.

Notice:  admision included
více Beyond City Tours
Former hunting castle
Duration:  4 hours (bus and on foot)
Feature:  Former hunting castle
Description:  This former hunting lodge already founded in the 14th century and located about 60 km south-westwards of Prague was a seat of the successor to the Habsburg throne Ferdinand d´Este, assassinated in Sarajevo before the world war I. Ferdinand d´Esta was not only keen art collector but also a passionate hunter. These fine art collections and hunting trophies are on display in this manor house set amid a beautiful park
Notice:  admision included
více Beyond City Tours
UNESCO listed town with silver min
Duration:  5,5 hours (bus and on foot)
Feature:  UNESCO listed town with silver min
Description:  Thanks to the prosperous silver mines Kutná Hora became, after Prague, the second most important town of the Bohemian kingdom in the Middle Ages. The increasing wealth and prosperity led to an architectural boom in the town and gave rise to many beautiful monuments - St. Barbara Cathedral - Italian Court with Royal Mint - The Stone House and other Gothic and Renaissance landmarks. A uniquely amazing sight is the baroque ossuary in nearby Sedlec, decorated with the bones of some 40,000 people. The decorations even include human bone chandelier. K.H. was declared a world heritage site and has been protected by UNESCO since 1992.
1/ St. Barbara Cathedral
2/ Italian Court and Royal Mint
3/ Ossuary
více Beyond City Tours
Former concentration camp
Duration:  5 hours (bus and on foot)
Feature:  Former concentration camp
Description:  The former garrison town originally built by Emperor Joseph II. as an ingenious system of the military fortresses for the protection of the kingdom at the end of the 18th century, that was completely changed and converted into a Jewish ghetto and a concentration camp during the World War II
Notice:  admision included
více Beyond City Tours
Spa town - West Bohemia
Duration:  9,5 hours (bus and on foot)
Feature:  Spa town - West Bohemia
Description:  A renowned spa town located in western Bohemia - gained its reputation thanks to the discovery of hot mineral springs the history of which originated in the Middle Ages. The springs have been used to treat all kinds of disorders. Today there are 12 hot springs in use here, and you get the chance to taste them. The best known spring is named Vřídlo - the Sprudel which spouts its curative water to a height of 17 m. First we start with Becherovka liquer tasting in its factory museum and then on our way throughout the city core we will make a stop at Moser Glass Shop. After lunch who feels like swimming can do so in the Thermal hotel swimming pool after lunch. Take your towel and swimming suite with you.
Notice:  including lunch and entrance fee to Becherovka museum
více Beyond City Tours
UNESCO listed historical town with castle
Duration:  10 hours (bus and on foot)
Feature:  UNESCO listed historical town with castle
Description:  This picturesque little town with its mighty renaissance castle that has retained its medieval charm to this day is located in Southern Bohemia. Český Krumlov constantly attracts a lot of visitors for its untouched architectural authenticity. After a guided tour around the historical core of the town and narrow bent lanes with beautiful decorated burgher houses you will have lunch at the local tavern. During this tour you will also visit České Budějovice, the former royal town founded there already in the 13th century. The famous Budweiser beer has been brewed over centuries.
Notice:  admision included
více Active Tours
In each pub you will get one beer
Duration:  3 hours (on foot)
Feature:  In each pub you will get one beer
Description:  Tired of sights? Then come with us and have an excellent Czech beer and enjoy the friendly ambience of a few local beer restaurants. This guided walk will lead you to the most reputable Prague local pubs. While having a good time and testing various beer brands our guide makes you familiar with interesting stories associated with these places.
Notice:  three beers and dinner included
více Active Tours
No limited consumption of beer and wine
Duration:  3,5 hours (bus)
Feature:  No limited consumption of beer and wine
Description:  The Starting by bus throughout illuminated Prague we will bring you to a typical Prague tavern. While having dinner and tasting the traditional specialities of the Czech cuisine you can watch an enjoyable programme featuring folk-music, songs and dances.
Notice:  Dinner and wine or beer with no limit included in the price.
více Active Tours
Funny cycling tour using segway
Duration:  2 hours (segway)
Feature:  Funny cycling tour using segway
Description:  The ride will feature spectacular views of Prague along the riverside. Old Town, Estate Theatre, Jewish Ghetto, Lesser Town, Charles Bridge, Kampa island, Wenceslas square.
Notice:  First we will teach you how to use it.
Age limit: 15-65
více Active Tours
Spectacular water performance
Duration:  2 hours (bus and on foot)
Feature:  Spectacular water performance
Description:  The highlight of this tour is a unique show of the illuminated fountain based, in impressive accordance, on fascinating music and light arrangements together with stunning water creations. After this night performance this tour goes on throughout illuminated Prague back to the starting point.
Notice:  entrance fee included
více Active Tours
Fun, beer and wine
Duration:  7,5 hours (bus and on foot)
Feature:  Fun, beer and wine
Description:  Would you like to experience something very special and very unexpected? Would you like to have much fun and excitement? Join us for a medieval feast! You will enjoy excellent food and galore of beer and wine with no limit! You will visit Dětenice a town eastwards from Prague. After visit of a manor house decorated with hunting trophies and after making you familiar with local beer brewing history you will spend an exciting evening in a period tavern. While sampling the by gone era specialities prepared on the open fire the staff dressed in stylish costumes will entertain you by performing dances, dueling, juggling and a lot more. Be prepared for medieval ambience including little bit rude and rough manors as it was common in those times.
Including admission to the manor house and local brewery
Including dinner and beer or wine with no limit
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