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Take advantage of our local knowledge and let us recommend you the best option according to your demands. Contact us!

Restaurant-bar Pod Kridlem

Restaurant-bar Pod Kridlem
Voršilská 10, Praha 1, 110 00

Fine dining at affordable prices right in the heart of Prague. This restaurant's acclaim-filled position is ascribed to its excellent cuisine observing contemporary trends of gastronomy. The pleasant atmosphere throughout is enhanced by courteous staff, air-conditioning and modern audio system offering to comply with the guest's most diverse wishes. The unique Art-Deco-inspired interior invites to be chosen for a fine venue for social events.

Location: close to National Theater
Public transport: tram 6, 9, 18, 22, 23 st. Narodni divadlo

Price: group menu
From € 17 / 3-course menu
From € 21 / 4-course menu

U Patrona Restaurant

U Patrona Restaurant
Dražického náměstí 4, Praha 1, 110 00

In its intimate atmosphere you can relish specialties of French and Czech cuisine. You are invited to sit back and relax on the ground floor of the premises or in the first-floor lounge with a window leading into the kitchen where chefs prepare their choice dishes. Romantically minded visitors may like to choose an attractive balcony for an intimate dinner or supper for two.

Location: next to Charles Bridge
Public transport: tram 12, 22, 23 st. Malostranské náměstí

Price: group menu
From € 19 / 3-course menu
From € 30 / 4-course menu

Mucha restaurant
Melantrichova 5, Praha 1, 110 01

The atmosphere of the restaurant will turn you back to the early 20's of last century. Its interior is decorated with most famous posters from Alfons Mucha and original secession furniture. You can enjoy the incredible way of the daylight that is brought to the inside through original glass ceiling with secession designs. The restaurant is fully air-conditioned and every Friday and Saturday live jazz and swing music.

Location: in the center of the city, next to the Old Town Square
Public transport: Metro Můstek (line A or B)

Price: group menu
From € 17 / 3-course menu
From € 23 / 4-course menu

Triton restaurant

Triton restaurant
Václavské náměstí 26, Praha 1, 110 00

The unrepeatable atmosphere of a stalactite cave in the center of Prague, top-class gastronomy, experienced staff, live piano music and professional organization ensured. The Triton restaurant is an ideal and novel place for holding private or business events for smaller or large groups of people.

Location: on Wenceslas square
Public transport: tram 9, 14 st. Václavské náměstí or Metro Můstek (line B, A)

Price: group menu
From € 22 / 3-course menu
From € 31 / 4-course menu

La Perle de Prague

La Perle de Prague - Dancing House - Tančící dům
Rašínovo nábřeží 80, Praha 2, 120 00

The restaurant is located in an exquisite space on the 7th floor of The Dancing House. From the air-conditioned restaurant a fantastic view can be had of Prague's skyline including St. Vitus´s Cathedral and the presidential palace. Apart from the beautiful view, the French restaurant is known for its excellent cuisine.

Location: on the river embankment
Public transport: tram 18

Price: group menu
From € 35 / 3-course menu
From € 42 / 4-course menu

U Sedmi Švábů

U Sedmi Švábů
Jánský vršek 14, Praha 1, 118 00

The medieval glossator would introduce this restaurant in following way:
"The tavern called "At the seven Swabians" is hereby opening its hospitality towards you. Sit down at the table and let us refresh you with beer, wine and mead as well as feed you with dishes that offer an abundance of taste and smell. Let the landlord fill your mugs over and over again and become charmed by the music and lovely maids - we are in the year 1493!"

Location: in the Lesser Town
Public transport: tram 12, 22, 23 st. Malostranské náměstí

Price: group menu
From € 10/ 3-course menu
From € 16/ 4-course menu

U Medvídků

U Medvídků
Na Perštýně 7, Praha 1, 100 01

The history of the restaurant "U Medvídků" dates back to 1466. In the past century the original brewery was converted into the first Prague cabaret and also into the one of the biggest beer hall in Prague. Several generations of Czech people and also a lot of foreigners have visited this restaurant for its very good Czech cuisine and for the famous Czech beer - Budweiser.

Location: city center, 3 min. walk from Wenceslas square, 4 min. to Old Town square
Public transport: tram 9, 22, 23 st. Národní třída or Metro Národní třída (line B)

Price: group menu
From € 14 / 3-course menu
From € 19 / 4-course menu

Vltava River Cruise with lunch or dinner

Vltava River Cruise with lunch or dinner
Praha 1, boat cruise - on request only

Enjoy food in Prague from the Vltava River!
While sitting comfortably on board and eating a buffet lunch or dinner you will enjoy impressive views of the most important highlights of Prague. You will float by some of the most enchanting architecture in the historical center because the Vltava River runs directly through the historical core.

Location: city center close to Čechův Bridge, next to Casino
Public transport: tram 22, 23 st. Malostranská or Metro Malostranská (line A)

Price: group menu
From € 27 / buffet lunch
From € 31 / buffet dinner