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Take the opportunity of our services and book your transfer in advance!

Pouba Travel provides transportation services by private cars, vans and minibuses, luxury coaches and VIP limousines all over the Czech Republic and Central Europe.

All drivers are in contact with our nonstop control office 24 hours a day.

To make your stay more pleasant we will provide you with a personal assistant who will meet you at the airport and advise you about the most important details of your stay.

The following table is a general overview of what we are able to offer you. For groups or different tour combinations we will make you a special quotation on request.

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Airport Transfers
Transportation Personal Car Minibus up to 7 persons
One Way € 33 € 46
Transfer: hotel - destination - hotel
Destinations Personal Car Minibus up to 7 persons
Praha 4 hours   € 85 € 127
Karlstejn (5 hours) € 106 € 159
Kutna Hora (6 hours) € 132 € 185
Karlovy Vary (9 hours) € 238 € 280
Cesky Krumlov (10 hours) € 270 € 312

Apart from the coach transfers we are able to book for you following extra transportation services:

Transfers Transfers Transfers

TWIN CITY LINER    Bratislava - Vienna

The Twin City Liner is a light aluminum high-speed catamaran with jet propulsion.

Where? On the Danube
When? Three times daily tour/retour

The catamaran is fully air conditioned and equipped with luxurious first-class seating, info-flat screens, panoramic windows and a lookout deck.
Twin City Liner - catamaran connection - 75 minutes
Bratislava - Nový most 10:30 14:30 18:30
Wien - Schwedenplatz 11:45 15:45 19:45
Wien - Schwedenplatz 08:30 12:30 16:30
Bratislava - Nový most 09:45 13:45 17:45
Approximate price:  
Weekdays € 25/person
Saturdays, Sundays, holidays   € 27/person

SC PENDOLINO TRAIN    Prague - Vienna

The Pendolino is a high speed train with maximum speed of 200 - 270 km/h.

Where? Between Prague - Bratislava - Vienna
When? Two times daily

The Pendolino offers in total 333 seats for passengers (including 2 places for wheelchairs) with a big and comfortable bar in the bistro.
Pendolino - speed train connection 3 hours
Praha - Holešovice (Departure) 08:26 10:26
Wien - Südbahnhof (Arrival) 12:28 14:28
Wien - Südbahnhof (Departure) 13:33 15:33
Praha - Holešovice (Arrival) 17:30 19:30
Approximate price: € 41 one way ticket  


For tours and excursions we will provide you the guide service. Our guides are licensed professionals with excellent experience and all necessary accreditations.


English, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, French, Russian, Chinese. For special requests, please let us know and most probably we will be able to satisfy your demand.